Grand Enclos: the Red

Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons red Graves claims to be a perfect expression of the Graves terroir. It is a distinguished fine wine that has aromas of ripe fruits lightly veiled by characteristic notes of smoke , that has power and dreamy balance that assumes while ageing all the nobility of its rank. The tannins melt into a bath of fruit and their structure, both soft and  slightly restrained , dignified and nearly austere, seems to whisper : "Yes, but not right now!"
Cabernet sauvignon, assembled for 40-50%, depending on the year, brings a remarkable bouquet, and because of  its structure , a great ageing potential.  Merlot adds the charm of its racy bouquet and its suppleness, so to create each vintage, a wine with such a marked personality. Aged in the best oak  barrels, the wine will not leave them  until after 12-14 months.
The second label of the Estate, Château Lamouroux, come from the youngest vines, reinforces the class of the first label offering a different style of wine, more ready to drink, but equally delicious, falling itself as well in the line of quality wines of the domain.
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