Grand Enclos: the “Liquoreux”

Like its famous cousins Sauternes or Barsac, Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons sweet is a Golden wine. It benefits from the magic of the ‘’Ciron’’, the small stream tributary to the River Garonne, allowing the "noble rot" or Botrytis cinerea to develop. So that the magic occurs, the fungus must get settled when the grapes are ripe (before, it’s a scourge called grey botrytis , which is fatal to the crop).
At the end of the summer, the Ciron generates a moisture favourable to the night fogs that allow the development of botrytis on the grapes. The fungus will feed on the water in the grapes, thus promoting the concentration of sugar. The berries are then picked by hand in successive passages as only  the berries that are ready must be collected.
The sweet Cérons wines are appreciated by the finest connoisseurs for their golden colour, aromas of tropical fruit and apricot, so rich and yet so airy, lively and sappy, combining finally, exquisite delicacy and elegance. It knows no limit to their capacity to age.
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