Grand Enclos: the White

Sémillon, which expresses itself so well in poor soil, brings its volume ,flavoured flesh and sweet aroma up to 60%. Sauvignon ,with aromas of flowers and fruit, brings liveliness and freshness for 30%, leaving a 10% of Sauvignon Gris, very fragrant, for a perfect alchemy.
Straw-coloured to golden,
Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons white Graves is a wine with a fine nose and fruity that swings between citrus and peach, as to describe the role of the port of Bordeaux, open to the world, and mingling floral and mineral notes with those of wax and honey. Sometimes a slight scent of resin is there as a reminder of the presence of pine trees in the region. As a starter in the mouth, you will discover a surprisingly fleshy attack, vivacity and roundness, a perfect combination of gifts carried by Semillon, rich and ripe and by the Sauvignon, fresh and fruity. It finally possesses the mineral characteristic of the great wines. Fermented and aged from 40-60% in new barrels, it will not leave the barrels until after about a year. Already enjoyable in its youth, these are white wines that can be forgotten for some years in ones’ cellar.

The domain of Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons also offers a dry white wine fermented in vats, fragrant and fruity, a delicacy to be opened more quickly: the Château Lamouroux.
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