Men of Passion
It’s all about a love story...

Once upon a time an Italian engineer and two dormant vineyards of Bordeaux, fell in love. This is a story of a passion around an ancestral and mythical drink, … wine. 
It all starts at the beginning of the Second Empire, on the domain of the Marquis de Calvimont, when the land of the Chateau de Cérons is divided into two parts. Thus the Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons gains its independence. On the village central square, the gate of the property opens upon a charterhouse which conceals the soul of the estate… The Enclos, an enclosure of ten hectares confined between the village houses and encircled by a stone wall, three meters high.

In the same way, the town of Saint Sulpice de Faleyrens , which is on the road to Castillon has its bell tower flirting with Saint-Emilion. It is flanked by a small hill where the vines are aligned as if on parade. In a locality called Mondou, gentle slopes give way to 11 hectares of land surrounding the winery of a Castle that since its rebirth in 2000, has taken the name of Mondorion.
A few centuries later...
Giorgio Cavanna was born in Rome-Italy,  had a French education, then furthers his career in industry between Italy and France. When he has time, he returns regularly to Tuscany, in the estate of Castello di Ama. It is a beautiful vineyard that was bought by his father and his three other partners in 1972. Through their work, the estate became one of the most famous of Tuscany. Giorgio spent a lot of his adolescence there, while regularly being next to one of the most renowned Oenologists, Patrick Léon, who guided the Cavannas on the path of great wines.

The team of enthusiasts...
One day in early 2000 at a luncheon, Bertrand Léon, son of Patrick Léon, evokes both the Bordeaux properties, in particular  the one in the Graves region where he performed a stage of wine growing, as well as the one near St. Emilion, next to his family’s estate in Fronsac of which he is in charge of. The Léons are a family of wine lovers.
These domains deserve that one takes interest in them: Graves produces white, red and sweet. Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons has a lot of potential. The property extends from the plateau of Podensac to the village of Cérons, with a section surrounded by high ancestral stone walls, representing today over 25 hectares. 
That of Saint-Emilion, on a soil made up of a single entity, is in possession of the harmonious personality of the “crus” of its own class. Those of the typical Saints-Emilion, produced with a large proportion of merlot grown on a soil with a mixed sandy and gravely lightness.
Both men have the same taste in wine, both have been immersed in the same school of the inspired Bordeaux wine-growing master , the father of Bertrand. A  rare and passioned vision that embraces all the production panel  of Bordeaux , from dry whites and  sweet  wines to great reds of both the left and right bank. Giorgio will be starting out with Bertrand on this new project, as did his father with  Patrick Leon in Tuscany over more than thirty years ago. He draws on his own forces  in the domain of Graves while shares the same passion  with three other friends for Saint-Emilion.
Giorgio and his associates have availed themselves of the best possible assets to awaken the domains: the native of the land , Bertrand Léon , oenologist, that has already established his reputation as an outstanding winemaker and monitors the implementation of a family know-how which has long since been proven. Xavier Dauba and Vincent Bonneau, the respective technical managers of Cérons and Mondorion, wine lovers  and also natives of the land, who ensure that the grapes are lead to a stage of perfect maturity.
Florence Charenton, in wine since ever, another passionate person who brings a feminine touch to both estates. Finally, since few years, Francis Unique, enthusiastic business profile, is responsible for distributing the wines of Grand Enclos and Mondorion to the entire world and transmitting their message of quality.

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